Meeting with Babban Gona

  Babban Gona (“Great Farm” in Hausa) an agricultural franchise, developed by Doreo Partners an Impact Investing Firm, investing in profitable, high growth, early stage businesses that improve the
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Award for CFC-financed project

In a special ceremony on 17 May 2016 at its headquarters in Washington, the Inter-American Development Bank honoured a rice project financed by CFC for its exceptional innovation. The
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Calendar of Meetings 2018

61st Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 22-25 January 2018

Orientation Meeting

Amsterdam, 16 April 2018

65th Meeting of the Executive Board

Amsterdam, 17 April 2018

62nd Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 2-5 July 2018

Preparatory Meeting

Amsterdam, 9 October 2018

66th Meeting of the Executive Board

Amsterdam, 10 October 2018

30th Annual Meeting of the Governing Council

The Hague, 6-7 December 2018

Earlier Meetings


Newsletter edition October 2017. Highlights of the October 2017 include:

  • Levering CFC resources to reach out to more SMEs;
  • Reviewing the CFC’s first impact bond experience;
  • The CFC highlights its impact and ambitions with a new website;
  • Supporting Kenyan grain farmers with new storage and production facilities;
  • Focusing on the impact of CFC’s project portfolio;
  • Improving food security in Burkina Faso with good seeds;
  • 60th Meeting of the Consultative Committee.
Newsletter 9, Edition April 2017.

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