Our Mission

Making commodities work for everyone

The Common Fund’s mandate is to enhance the socioeconomic development of commodity producers and contribute to the development of society as a whole. In line with its market-oriented approach, the Fund concentrates on commodity development projects financed from its resources.

These resources consist of voluntary contributions, capital subscriptions by Member Countries transferred to the Second Account and interest earned. In partnership with other development institutions, the private sector and civil society, the Fund endeavours to achieve overall efficiency in and impact on commodity development.

68th Meeting of the Executive Board

Amsterdam, 16 October 2019

30th Anniversary of the CFC

The Hague, 3 December 2019                                 All events

Our Projects

In the least developed countries people heavily depent on commodities for their livelihood. Thus, commodities form the backbone of economies and they account for the bulk of the export earnings of countries.

CFC is proud to play a catalytic role in promoting and supporting poverty alleviation through commodity- focused development.

15th Open Call for Proposals

Funding Innovation

Making a Difference

Common Fund for Commodities inviting applications for support of Commodity development activities is now closed.

You can still access all the information relating to the submission process in this Call for Proposals but we are no longer able to accept new proposals.

The 16th Call for Proposals shall be notified shortly.

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Governors Call on the Fund to Assess Future Mandate

Zanzibar – With the global financial crisis continuing to pose challenges for development institutions and effective partnerships to tackle poverty, food issues and shortfalls in agricultural productivity, the future
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