The project entails a technical evaluation of banana-based, value-added products for diversifying banana uses and improving methods for post-harvest transformation of bananas. The project aims at responding to challenges of losses due to limitations of markets for singular use of commercial bananas as a dessert and to limitations of storage as well as at generating additional incomes from various commercially viable by-products.

This global project involved many countries such as Cameroon, Malawi, Malaysia, Philippines, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Tanzania, India and Nigeria.

IPGRI/INIBAP, the project promoter, worked with its four regional networks to discuss the issues of adding value though processing. In a workshop held in Philippines in October 2006, the country teams presented their results for analysis. Over forty participants concluded that processing has potential to contribute to rural development and to poverty reduction, but in the countries in the study, there is a need for systematic and sustained investment in the business services environment and in the management capacity of potential small business operators. The participants identified key initiatives for INIBAP and its networks to take up as a means of increasing the contribution of processing to rural development.

The results of the workshop have been presented and discussed in the regional networks in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The final report can be accessed here.

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