The objective of the project was to improve market access and to secure remunerative prices for natural rubber originating in Africa. To improve the quality of African rubber, the project undertook the following components: a) Establish a quality control process involving improved processing, storage and shipment standards in major producing countries; b) Provide technical support to central rubber research laboratories in targeted producing countries to grade and certify quality; and, c) Introduce an African Natural Rubber Association label as a regional label for a guaranteed quality standard comparable to other natural rubber quality labels in other regions, notably that of South East Asia. The project was implemented in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Gabon and Nigeria. Noted achievements accomplished during the project were human resource development in the form of specialised training on the Standard African Rubber (SAR) scheme and successful development and circulation of manuals on the SAR scheme. Steps were also taken to undertake harmonisation of the protocol for cross-checking laboratory equipment.

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