The project has established a pilot production facility to demonstrate the feasibility of producing biogas and energy from sisal processing waste. The project also set out to establish the appropriateness of using the residues as a basis for solid and liquid fertilizer production. In addition to addressing the technical requirements of sisal-based biogas and biofertilizer production, the project should determine the overall viability of the proposed process, thereby providing a substantial contribution to increasing the profitability of sisal production and processing, and to reducing environmental degradation caused by the disposal of currently unutilised and untreated sisal waste, which is around 95% of the sisal leaf. The project succeeded in successfully establishing the biogas production facility (in Tanga, Tanzania) with a gas production that exceeds the quantities that originally had been expected. The gas production unit (including the conversion into electricity) has been operating intermittently for several years and currently the final technical reporting in combination with financial/economic feasibility studies is being undertaken as a final responsibility of the Project Executing Agency. The study will be placed on the CFC web site once available.

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