Additional Country Involved: the Netherlands

Project completed in 2010

Institutions Involved in the Project;

Fibre Industry Development Authority (FIDA), Philippines

Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)

The project aims to prove the feasibility of a new, technically efficient and financially competitive method for the use of fresh coir fibre for the production of environmentally safe, high performance construction materials. It will demonstrate the potential of the application of a specific technology for the production of high quality coir fibre boards, by making use of the specific chemical composition of the coir fibre, in particular its high content of lignin. The project will focus on the demonstration of the feasibility of the so-called Fibre Isolation Method (FIM) for the production of coir fibre boards through laboratory-level process development and pilot-scale testing/production of coir boards, including performance testing. A mid-term evaluation is envisaged to assess the perspectives of successful implementation of the full project, once the results of the first project stage, covering process development and initial pilot scale production, have provided sufficient information to enable a decision to proceed or to abort the project. Towards the end of the project the technical and financial/economic viability of the technology developed will have been demonstrated and documented in such a manner that the technology can be applied at an industrial scale in a commercial environment in Developing Countries. This commercial uptake, which will be promoted and documented through dissemination of project findings in different stages of the project, falls beyond the scope of the present project. Successful development of the technology to be used is expected to result in new applications for coir fibre, thus increasing the scope for adding value to the coconut, a commodity which is being produced by an estimated 50 million, mostly small-scale producers in some 50 countries. The project will comprise the following main components: (a) process development; (b) product development at pilot scale level; and (c) dissemination of project technology and project management, supervision and evaluation.

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