CFC Loan: USD 1,000,000

Co-financing Loan: USD 1,000,000 (Oikocredit)

The main objective of this project is to improve the competitiveness of small coffee producers in two selected regions in Guatemala (Fraijanes and Cobán) and two selected regions in Jamaica (the Central and Northern regions in the Non-Blue Mountain- Lowland). This objective will be achieved through improving quality and productivity as well as organizational and management capabilities. In addition to grant financing for capacity building, which is being pursued in both countries, the project also envisaged the provision of lines of credit through a combination of loans from CFC and the Dutch-based micro-finance institution Oikocredit. In Guatemala the loan funds would be made available to small holder coffee farmers through collaboration with Banco Rural (Rural Bank) of Guatemala. Positive developments within the countries enabled provision of local loans as required. This resulted in both countries not effectively pursing the loan facility offered by the project. The identification of Cooperatives and Producer Organizations/Federations in Guatemala and Jamaica has been completed and activities related to institutional strengthening are underway in both countries utilising the proceeds of the CFC grant. Some project outputs are summarized below:

  • 6,000 nursery plants were purchased in Jamaica further supporting coffee farmers in rehabilitating production in the project area;
  • 221 members of beneficiary organizations, received a diploma as part of the “Effective Organizational Management and Youth Leadership Training”;
  • Coffee Leaf Rust control has been continuously addressed through the use of demonstration plots;
  • In Jamaica, a special workshop was given addressing quality control; and
  • Wet mills were rehabilitated;

The project ended in November 2014. The final project achievements are documented in the Project Completion Report which can be accessed here. Further information can be obtained from Anacafé’s website The loan repayment is being monitored on a continuous basis.

Project Completion Report 

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