CFC Loan: USD 1,200,000

The objective of the project is to strengthen capacity of smallholder outgrower farmers so that they will be able to participate and produce vegetables and fruits for export markets and enhance their incomes and standard of living. These export markets will result in increased foreign currency earnings for Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The project aims to pilot the outgrower scheme for vegetable and fruits. It is focusing on: encouraging local farmers to participate in outgrower schemes for vegetables and fruits; improving the hectarage and volumes of exports from local smallholder farmers; improving the quality of produce from small scale farms; enhance the market base for the produce and support initiatives to seek market opportunities. Project activities in Zimbabwe mainly concentrated on vegetable production and marketing while in Tanzania attention was given to mango development. Some progress was made. In Tanzania mango seedlings were distributed and extension services were provided to selected participating farmers. Since there were some changes in the project management structure so the project was extended in 2010 in both countries. Currently the feasibility study of the phase II in Tanzania is under discussion.

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