The purpose of this project is to promote the creation of income for rural communities while at the same time contributing to environment protection actions. Indeed, essential oil extraction activities only implies the gradual harvesting of eucalyptus tree leaves, while the whole tree remains standing for a relatively long period of time. The development objective of the proposal is to contribute to poverty alleviation in rural areas through extension and outreach activities aimed at disseminating techniques to extract essential oils from planted Eucalyptus citriodora. The specific project objectives are to provide village community members with the technologies and expertise to extract essential oils and to create a marketing chain for essential oils and perfumes. Members of rural communities in Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo are trained on the techniques of essential oil extraction and marketing, as well as planting and maintenance of Eucalyptus citriodora species The Governmental National Reforestation Service of Congo acts as facilitator. This pilot project aims to establish a model which could be followed by other village communities throughout both countries. Project activities started in 2010.

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