Project Completed in 2007

The purpose of this project is to build on the results of the already completed Common Fund-supported project on “Conservation, Evaluation and Dissemination of Groundnut Germplasm and Distribution for the West African Region” and to promote the utilisation and uptake of improved groundnut varieties, responding to market requirements through the development of sustainable groundnut seed systems. The project has the following components: a) Promoting the use of seed of improved varieties through sustainable community-based seed delivery systems; b) Improving the skills of farmers and other entrepreneurs in seed production, delivery, processing, marketing and small seed enterprise management, including measures to minimise aflatoxin contamination, and c) Disseminating project results to other regions in Africa.
The project is expected to establish viable seed production and delivery systems to ensure that new groundnut varieties continue to be disseminated to farmers, particularly the small producers, on a sustainable basis. A reduction in aflatoxin contamination in groundnut is expected to reduce the health risks caused by aflatoxin and will help farmers to gain easier access to domestic, regional and international markets.

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