Project completed in 2014

Common Fund Loan: USD 1,739,714

The project aims at developing the technology, skills and systems of organic tea production. This includes the development of appropriate technology for the establishment of new, and the conversion of existing, tea areas to organic tea farms. The project also aims at the development of acceptable international standards for the export of organic tea and the establishment of an internationally accepted certification mechanism in both countries. The project includes an assessment of the demand for organic tea exports and the development of appropriate export strategies. The project activities in China have been completed, while the Indian segment started in September 2008. In China, experiments and application of organic fertilizers, pesticides and compost were conducted in 4 participating companies representing three different tea varieties. Market studies in EU, America and Japan were conducted as well as the study for domestic market. Various capacity building activities were carried out for OTRDC to establish the cooperation agreement with one international certifying agency (Soil Association Certification Ltd.). Trainings for organic inspectors and domestic inspectors were provided. Activities in India started later and the project has been extended to the end of 2012.

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