This is a pilot project on production of value-added fishery products through transfer of appropriate technology and know-how; improve product quality; develop new market opportunities and assess the longer term investment needs for increased processing in Guinea and Mauritania. The specific objectives are: (a) product specific market investigations; (b) pilot production of value-added products; (c) training in quality control and marketing; (d) development of new market opportunities including non-traditional markets and conducting market trials; (e) assessment of longer term investment needs and investment promotion; and (f) dissemination of project results to other countries in the sub-region. The project is fully operational. Due to the political unrest in Mauritania and Guinea in 2008 and 2009 and the security situation of Côte d’Ivoire where the PEA is headquartered, the project encountered some delays, after which activities resumed and good progress was made. The following activities were completed: market studies, audit for selection of participating companies, several training workshops on development of fresh and frozen value added products, etc. The project in Guinea has been extended to the end of 2012.

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