• USD 149,000 – Caribbean Development Bank
  • USD 10,000 – CARDI

Counterpart Contribution

  • USD (1,452,250 in kind) Jamaica
  • USD (991,000 in kind) Trinidad & Tobago

Other Institutions Involved in the Project:

  • Jamaica – Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries;
  • Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Ministry of Agriculture Land and Marine Resources (MALMR);
  • Trinidad and Tobago Goat and Sheep Society (TTGSS).

The project aims at improving the production, productivity and quality of small ruminant meat and the availability of breeding stock in order to enhance the income and food security of small scale mutton & chevron farmers and meat processors in Jamaica and T&T, reducing, at the same time, the dependency from food imports into the targeted countries. The meat quality will be improved by enhancing safety and quality of livestock through the systematic training of farmers in hygiene and sanitary standards, improved animal husbandry and linkages with service providers, private meat processors and traders. The increase in livestock productivity will be accomplished as a result of strengthening feed management and veterinary services and implementing training activities on improved animal nutrition. A medium scale abattoir will be refurbished in each target country as a training tool for best practices for meat processing storage and packaging. The project was launched in December 2011 in Kingston, Jamaica, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica. Based on the priorities of the workplan for the first year of project implementation, procurement and importation of external quality small ruminant breeds is a priority activity in 2012. Without the imported quality stock the local breeds cannot be improved and the animal breeding activities cannot take off.

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