The Project aims to improve the productivity of cane production in the East African Community (EAC) through a five-year variety importation programme. The project has selected, imported and tested a statistically meaningful number of new cane varieties from cane industries that share similar cane growing conditions to those in the EAC. It is being supported by a clean seedcane initiative, aimed at growing and distributing treated seedcane (and new varieties as they are commercialised) to the smallholder cane growers (outgrowers) in the region. An important objective is the acquisition and transfer of technology and international best practice to the EAC cane research staff and from there to the mill personnel (agricultural and outgrower managers and agronomists) and the outgrower community. Outputs to date include the establishment of:–the East African Cane Improvement Network; establishment of regional quarantine protocols between the participating countries; ongoing importation of improved varieties; development of a training manual and training programme for extension and outgrowers’ officers.

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