The project aims to enhance the profitability of cooperatives in Cameroon carrying out training and capacity building activities related to the cost efficient production of coffee and cocoa by small holder famers and the purchase of the crop at fair prices. The African Cocoa & Coffee Farmers’ Marketing Organization (ACCFMO), a non-profit NGO , as a supply/marketing facilitator will acquire agricultural inputs to supply to farmers and hire experienced experts to lead farmers throughout the production and marketing process. ACCFMO will supervise input procurement and provide training services to enhance farmers for the efficient and effective use of chemicals.

The ACCFMO intends to integrate the commodity value chain linking farmer organizations to financial institution, input suppliers, local and international traders and to facilitate agricultural finance schemes as Warehouse Receipts to enable farmers’ access to credit. ACCFMO aims at empowering at least 26 established cocoa/coffee farmers’ cooperatives, with a target of 15,600 farmers at start of the project, which is expected to grow to 44 cooperatives and 26,400 farmers by the end of the foreseen 7 years project life cycle. Activities of the project will focus on: (i) Agricultural inputs supply financing, (ii) Cooperative Development and capacity building for market access, (iii) Market Linkage and Market information Services, and (iv) Quality control of the crop beans.

Farmers’ income from commodity production is expected to increase due to the higher productivity from cocoa/coffee farms affected by the project. Yields is expected to increase through training in best agricultural and post-harvest conservation practices and the cost effective supply of agricultural inputs (chemical fertilizers, pesticides) to farmers. The project will assure a stable market access for the cooperatives as ACCFMO will act as facilitator for the full sale of cocoa/coffee crop at fair prices, enabling farmers to reach a foreseen 25% income increase within the project life cycle.

The CFC is currently at the final stage of completion of all technical, operational and financial requirements for start-up of the project.

Organization: Africa Cocoa and Coffee Farmers’ Marketing Organisation (ACCFMO) Project: CFC/2016/08/0040
Country: Cameroon Commodity: Cocoa/Coffee
Total Cost: USD 3,000,000 CFC Financing: USD 1,500,000

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