Heritage Coffee Company Limited trading as Café Pap was founded in 2003. It runs a leading chain of specialty coffee houses in Uganda. In 2012, Heritage Coffee Company expanded its operations into the tourism industry where it acquired a tourist lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park called Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge. Currently the company works with Gumutindo Cooperative society and women groups in the cooperative who have supplied coffee to the company.

The project aims to build a marketing chain connecting smallholder coffee producers to high value consumers in Uganda. The project intends to establish a connection and strong relationship between smallholder coffee producers and high value consumers in Uganda, namely coffee shops, hotels and lodges where there’s high demand for locally produced coffee. The project will rely on eco-tourism model to develop aa premium market for locally produced coffee, creating jobs and income opportunities for vulnerable groups of people in Uganda. To guarantee the quality of coffee supplied to these consumers, the project would train farmers and assist with planting and re-planting of coffee trees. The company will roast coffee in its own coffee roasting facilities to complete the supply chain without intermediaries.

The target project group are smallholder farmers, women and unemployed youth. Their income level from farming is about 20% below the national average and borders on the national poverty line. The project will allow households to triple their income. The capacity building programme of the project would make this opportunity accessible to two vulnerable groups, namely women and unemployed youth. The CFC is financing the project as investor in an impact bond contract and is currently seeking a suitable bond partner to complete the funding model. Positive response is expected soon.

Submitting Institution: Heritage Coffee Company Project: CFC/2015/07/0022FT
Location: Uganda Commodity: Coffee
Total Cost: USD 720,000 CFC Financing: USD 120,000 (Loan)
Project Type: Fast Track Project

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