Project completed in 2000

The project intended to achieve a sustained improvement in the international competitiveness of the fishery industries in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. These objectives were achieved through the following activities: a) to demonstrate the technical and financial feasibility of the production of value-added fishery products; b) to develop market opportunities and assess trends in major markets; c) to conduct market trials; d) to improve the quality and sustainability of commercial fish processing; and e) to promote private sector investment for the expansion of fish processing. An evaluation of the project, undertaken in 2000, concluded that the achievements of the project were very satisfactory. When the project became operational in 1996, very few key players in the seafood export sector exported any significant quantities of value-added products. During the implementation of the project, from 1998 to 1999, over 24 companies exported value-added fishery products totaling over USD 40 million.

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