Completed in June 2012

The objective of the project was to facilitate the creation and sharing of knowledge between key stakeholders in the Hard Fibres sector (including jute and kenaf) to better understand and “foresee” long term global developments and their possible impact on the Hard Fibres sector. Improved understanding of these global developments and solid insight in the sector’s own strengths and weaknesses should contribute to increased capabilities to identify and outline possible (long term) action programs necessary to maintain and, if feasible, strengthen the sector’s economic and social importance.

The project’s activities centered around four interactive workshops, where stakeholders in the JACKS fibre sector (covering Jute, Abaca, Coir, Kenaf and Sisal) met and exchanged views on long term possibilities and challenges for the sector, technically facilitated by “Foresight” experts from the University of Manchester. The meetings provided a useful forum to explore and discuss future global trends and/or expectations and to initially review options for the sector (at pre-competitive level) on how to prepare best for such future developments in the JACKS sector.

The outcome of the project and the consultations held, are reflected in a final project report which also contains contact information for parties interested in these and forthcoming consultations

 – Final Report FIGHF-31FT (version April 2013).

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