Project completed in 2004

Institutions Involved in the Project

The Fibre Industry Development Authority (FIDA), Philippines

The Institute for Plant Breeding (IPB), Philippines

ExporEvans Trade Company – Quito, Ecuador

The project aims to increase overall abaca production efficiency, both in terms of improved abaca yields as well as improved primary processing (fibre extraction). For increased fibre extraction efficiency, the project builds on existing designs for tuxying and decortication equipment. The project consists of the following three components: a) Design, production and testing of improved fibre extraction equipment; b) Exchange of, and field trials with, high yielding, disease-resistant varieties; and, c) Technical support and dissemination of project results at national level in both countries, as well as internationally through publications and a concluding workshop. A commercial abaca producer in Quito, Ecuador, ExporEvans Trade Company is the participating organisation.

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