Project completed in 2007

The project was designed to improve coffee production through control of the coffee wilt disease (tracheomycosis) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The disease destroys coffee plants and can wipe out whole coffee plantations, causing serious loss to both Arabica and Robusta coffee farmers. Reports indicated that the disease was spreading to Tanzania and Rwanda. The project attempted to control the spread of coffee wilt disease by implementing two main components. The first component involved the implementation of a regional programme to research and develop improved management practices to control the coffee wilt disease. The second component involved the development of a compatible programme of extension, information dissemination and training for small coffee producers to enable them to adopt the improved management practices. The project was operationally complete in 2007. The project completion report can be accessed here: Final Report CFC/ICO/13.

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