The pilot project demonstrated that adoption of improved processing practices can result into dramatic improvement of the quality and value of coffee, resulting in increased household income of the smallholder producers. The project had implementation sites in Ethiopia and Rwanda. New Small-Scale Coffee Washing Stations (SSCWS) consisting of pulping only or pulping & mucilage removing machines, together with raised drying beds were purchased, delivered, installed and commissioned at selected sites in each country. These are now owned/leased by farmer groups or associations in each location where the machinery is installed. In addition to the installation of the machinery, farmer groups, extension staff, managers and traders were trained in the operation and management of the SSCWS. The four components of the project were:

a) implementation of washed and semi-washed coffee processing using SSCWS;

b) introduction of an improved sun-drying system for natural coffee;

c) promotion & dissemination of project findings; and

d) effective project coordination.

Among other, the project achieved the following results:

  • A sustainable increase in the quantity of high quality coffee produced at selected sites; (4,500 bags in Ethiopia and 2,000 bags in Rwanda by end of project lifespan) – through the formation and sustainability of farmer associations based on SSCWS which operate profitably, 2,000 farmers adopting improved drying method by year 3, 3,000 farmers/traders trained and >1,000 copies of dissemination materials produced and circulated by year 3.
  • A sustainable increase in the quantity of higher quality natural coffee of at least 2,810 bags produced in selected areas in Ethiopia by year 3.

The operations were successfully completed in 2008. The project outcomes and experiences have been included in the project completion report as prepared by the PEA. Key information can be accessed through the following above. In case of any specific technical questions resulting from the report, the PEA (CABI-Nairobi) may be contacted directly (

Final Technical Report CFC/ICO/22

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