Project completed 2011

The project supported the improvement of the production of citrus planting material to supply smallholders with trees of higher productivity which are certified disease-free to replace old or trees contaminated by the citrus greening disease. It also promoted the adoption of certification programmes, which are essential to limit the introduction and distribution of risk-prone planting material. Project activities include development of commercial nurseries for the production of certified pest-free nursery trees; strengthening set-up diagnostic and sanitation laboratories to supply commercial nurseries with certified propagation and multiplication material; and technical assistance to facilitate the adoption and enforcement of national mandatory certification programmes in citrus in the Caribbean Region. The project operated in Cuba and the regional dissemination and awareness generation activities were being implemented by IACNET in the Caribbean region. In Cuba, all the foreseen greenhouses for the production of certified planting material (10 for Ceiba Cooperative and 10 for Ceballos Cooperative), have been built. Certified pest free citrus material was produced March 2010 in Ceiba, Havana and from April 2010 in Ceballos, Ciego de Avila. The Cuban technical knowledge and experience with the project makes IACNET a good hub for promoting and hosting regional information and knowledge sharing initiatives. The project was completed in December 2011 with the holding of a regional workshop on production of citrus planting material and a final evaluation meeting, which provide evidence of the success of the project. As far as impact is concerned, the project collaborated in increasing export of citrus fruits from Cuba.

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