The project’s objective was to make Latin American palm oil production more competitive and sustainably increase yields by 30%, thereby reducing costs per unit production and processing, thus increasing the incomes of small scale farmers and processors. The project was implemented in Colombia and Ecuador. Prior to the start-up of the project, Venezuela, the intended third country in the project, decided to withdraw. The project started in 2010 and was completed in 2014. Counterpart organization in Colombia was CENIPALMA. In Ecuador, ANCUPA was the party responsible for project implementation.

Lead farmers achieved 40-100% yield increase on demonstration plots as a result of improved measures focusing on water management, mulching and balanced fertilization, resulting in net increased revenues of USD 9,000 – 19,000/farmer. The new technology transfer system, with training of lead farmers and farmer-to-farmer extension, yielded good results. In Colombia, 37 lead farmers applied the improved crop management practices on 5,460 ha and convinced 579 other farmers to adopt these practices on 31,500 ha. In Ecuador, 45 lead farmers with an area of 1,725 ha convinced 2,163 other farmers to adopt these practices on 54,000 ha.

In Ecuador the number of participating extractors increased from initially 2 to 22. These extractors started to employ new technical staff for training of farmers to increase raw material supply. Similar achievements were noted in Colombia. While progressively phasing out, the project strengthened strategic alliances with national oil palm organizations and with processors, who were increasingly assuming responsibility for this new system of technology transfer. The project successfully used various local media to promote the programme and its results.

The Final Technical report presents in more detail the technologies promoted by the project and the results obtained.  The Project Completion Report describes the set-up of the project and the lessons learned. The report of the external evaluation by MDF Latin America confirms the achievements of this project.

For more information, please contact Jorge Beltran, CENIPALMA, Colombia ( or Roberto Burgos, ANCUPA, Ecuador (

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