Project completed in 2001

Institutions Involved:

  • The Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (INTA) at Saenz Pena, Argentina
  • The Brazilian Enterprise of Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA), Brazil
  • The Instituto Agronomico Nacional (IAN) (at Caacupe), Paraguay

The Cotton Boll Weevil is a major cotton pest that continues to threaten the viability of cotton production in Latin America. In particular, smallholder encounter problem in effectively controlling the Boll Weevil.

The project aimed to develop a low cost, socially acceptable and environmentally positive system of integrated pest management which would enable to control the Cotton Boll Weevil effectively. The following activities were included in the project:

• evaluation of existing knowledge and identification of functional elements useful for development of location-specific control packages and definition of specific regional strategic plans;

• study of cotton boll weevil and its associated agro-ecosystems and development of standardised and systematic pesticide monitoring systems for three countries;

• development of low-cost and acceptable Integrated Pest Management practices for different production systems;

• transfer of tested technology and relevant information packages to extension workers and farmers.

Within the framework of the project, several technical groups were established focusing their work on core components of a possible “defense” strategy. Regular exchange and consultation meetings were held, addressing research topics like Alternate Hosts, Phenology and Population Dynamics. Insecticide Use and Resistance Monitoring and Biological Control.

The combined knowledge developed in the project has been used to develop control strategies at national and regional level. The project was completed in 2001, with a final workshop in Fortaleza, Brazil. The proceedings of the workshop have been published. Project results (documented in some 75 papers and reports) were effectively transferred to researcher, planners and growers. Although no effective eradication programme of the Boll Weevil could be developed, the findings of the project are considered useful and contributing substantially to increased knowledge on Boll Weevil control/management.

Additional Country Involved: Paraguay

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