Project completed in 1994.

The purpose of the project was to increase demand for jute by developing new products from non-woven jute fibres. Applications of primary interest were floor coverings and footwear. Project activities included market research, product development, sample batch production, testing and trials, dissemination of project results and product commercialisation.

The project demonstrated that jute can move away from outmoded wovens into the non-woven growth sector of technical textiles. As a result of the development and introduction of non-woven products, eight to ten European plants in Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom are now involved in producing non-woven products. A database of potential customers for non-woven jute products and of non-woven producers as potential customers for jute sliver is contained in the Project Completion Report. The effort in the flooring industry was not as successful due to problems of cost and quality. The successfully developed and commercialised products include shoe insole material which meet shoe industry specifications. Major companies are interested in the commercial uptake of the jute-based insoles.

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