Project completed in 2008

The project aims at developing and industrially testing jute fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites for various uses to replace glass fibre and other products. Materials optimisation and process up-scaling is expected to promote investment and greater use of jute fibre in various industries thereby opening up new market niches for jute fibre. The project is a follow-up of a previous CFC funded project which developed various jute reinforced polypropylene products including jute reinforced polypropylene (PP) granules as an intermediate material for the production of various end-products to replace glass fibre (GF) reinforced PP. The newly developed product can be used for such products as crates and pallets, furniture, automotive parts and household goods. With these advanced composites, the potential for the wider application of the granules would be enhanced. The immediate beneficiaries are jute-related research and development institutions and manufacturers.

Final Report CFC/IJSG/19

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