Project completed in 2011

The objective of the project is to facilitate greater market access, including exports, for organic aquaculture products by promoting organic farming and processing practices and assuring their quality, safety and sustainability. The overall objectives of the project are:

(a) to contribute to the sustainable development of the organic aquaculture sector and ensuring safety of aquaculture products;

(b) to increase knowledge about certification and marketing of organic aquaculture products;

(c) to facilitate transfer of technology to small-medium scale sectors of production and marketing of aquaculture products;

(d) to encourage investment in sustainable, eco-friendly aquaculture and domestic marketing and export-processing of produce.

The project envisages to support the aquaculture sectors in the three countries through provision of technical assistance and marketing support to ensure sustainable growth of their aquaculture sectors. The project also catalyzed technical cooperation within the three countries as well as other countries in the region. The project achieved encouraging results after 3 years of operation. All of the participating companies have been certified as compliant with organic certification standards. Organic live tilapia and black tiger shrimps produced by some of the participating entrepreneurs of the project are widely appreciated in domestic and regional markets. Several national and regional dissemination and product promotion workshops were arranged in 2010 and 2011. Export of organic aquaculture products from the three countries substantially increased. The project was completed in 2011.

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