The project facilitated the organization of a meeting of all stakeholders involved in the cotton sector in Africa with the objective of starting the process of developing a long-term roadmap for the future. The meeting took place on 27 – 29 June 2011. Based on the extensive consultations that took place during the meeting, UNCTAD (in consultation with lead representative cotton actors) has drafted a proposed roadmap which is expected to be validated by African stakeholders before the end of 2011. It is envisaged that the roadmap will enable all stakeholders to find effective ways of addressing the current structural constraints of the cotton sector, e.g. low producer prices, long delays and inefficiencies in payments, poor institutional arrangements and dependence on state subsidies. It will include effective collaboration mechanisms between public and private sector actors (appropriately supported by the donor community where necessary) focusing on the challenges of increasing productivity, improved marketing and market access, and increasing African value-addition. The report of the June 2011 meeting can be accessed through the above links. The final version of the roadmap has been published by UNCTAD in 2014 and can also be accessed below:



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