The first part of the project will be an overall assessment of the Indian zinc die casting industry that will include visits to all major die casting plants.  The visits will serve to clearly understand the technical state of the industry and also to introduce the audit program and identify potential demonstration plants.  From here an audit protocol will be developed and conducted on four demonstration plants.  The global die cast experts will assist the plants to implement the corrective actions identified in the audit.  The project will conclude with an industry workshop that will present the results and benefits of the audit to the rest of the Indian die cast industry.  The workshop will also include presentation on critical technologies identified as general weaknesses of the Indian industry.

Through a counterpart funded component, the project will reach out to engineering schools and vocational training institutes and encourage them to include zinc die casting in their course curriculums.  The project will provide hands on experience and technical content for these institutions to enable them to start courses on zinc die casting.

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