The overall objective of the project is to develop a competitive potato sector in West Africa. Specific objectives are to improve the efficiency of production, the volume of locally produced potatoes, secure the supply of the commodity, and to improve the income of persons and businesses along the West African potato value chain. This will be achieved by (a) increasing the productivity and production of consumption potatoes, (b) developing and strengthening local seed potato production and seed production enterprises, (c) developing and strengthening producers associations, and (d) increasing national and regional market opportunities and (e) improving national and regional policy co-ordination. The project has managed to overcome all formal requirements for boarder transit for import of high quality Guinean seed potatoes to Senegal. These seed potatoes have the same quality as European imports but come at a substantial price discount and thus lead to an efficient regionally integrated potato sector. Informal export is also taking place now to Liberia and Mali. The recent detection of Ralstonia bacteria in the project area in Guinea must be regarded as setback as the occurrence of Ralstonia is prohibitive for seed potatoes. The prevailing relatively simple farming systems are now being substituted by a system of crop rotation.

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