The key objectives of this project are threefold. First, the project establishes the parameters for improving economic benefits and financial returns on processed Nile perch, which is the main species exported by the three participating countries with access to the fishery resources of Lake Victoria. This is achieved through the development of sophisticated value-added products and using appropriate processing technologies. Market opportunities and trends in major markets are researched while the investment requirements for commercial production are also assessed. Secondly, the project aims at improving quality assurance mechanisms, the processing environment and awareness of standards commensurate with the new range of value-added processed products. Thirdly, the project establishes feasible mechanisms for the provision of micro-finance to facilitate the production and marketing of improved products which contribute to local food security and the availability of animal protein for domestic use. After several years of operation, the project made some progress, particularly includes National Reports on the Status Nile perch and Dagaa fishery of Lake Victoria in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, International Markets Reports on Nile perch, and Manual for the Production of Value-added Nile perch fishery product. Dissemination of value-added products were carried out.

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