The project is designed to encourage sustainable utilization of freshwater fish resources in the five target countries through appropriate product/market diversification strategies, taking into account the food security and wellbeing of the populations as a whole and the inland communities in the target countries in particular.

This general objective is to be achieved through introduction of methodologies for improved handling, processing and marketing of the resources from inland aquaculture, and inland capture fisheries where applicable, through environmentally friendly processing and marketing activities. The broad activities in the project are:

  1. to provide support for both export and domestic marketing of freshwater fish and their products from the Asia-Pacific Region in a sustainable manner;
  2. to provide technical assistance to facilitate market development through innovative packaging/ presentation, reducing post-harvest losses and ensuring safety/ quality of freshwater fish products marketed; and
  3. to encourage small/ medium scale operators in production and marketing of freshwater fish species in export processing including domestic marketing and encourage investment in the sector.

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