Project completed in 2002

The project is a direct continuation of the previous phase, aimed at bringing a woodless packaging systems for rubber into commercial acceptance and use which would not contaminate the rubber. The design of trays and manufacturing tools is completed. Field trials, involving shipments of complete container loads of rubber from Malaysia and Côte d’Ivoire have been conducted. Progress reports indicate that the field trials have proven the technical merits of the packaging system. The comments from both producers and consumers are highly favourable with Goodyear indicating that there is a significant technical advantage of the system over conventional packaging. The PEA initiated establishing contact of selected interest groups towards commercialisation of the system. The patenting process was initiated in selected countries/regions, namely: Europe, USA, Japan, Russia, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia. The list covers countries that consume 61% and produce 62% of all natural and/or synthetic rubber.

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