The project was designed to establish at a pilot level the technical and economic viability of the use of sisal fibre in the production of construction materials for the building industry. The emphasis would be on assessing the potential for the replacement of asbestos fibres thus far frequently used in the building materials industry in Brazil. The project had made a cumbersome start and the completion of two key studies (on the “state-of-the-art” of international developments/experiences related to the use of sisal in composites, and on the internal market structure/potential in Brazil, outlining provisional competitiveness of the new to develop materials) were delivered after considerable delays. The project was subjected to an external independent evaluation in 2009. Follow-up by the PEA on CFC’s substantive recommendations for the possible start-up of Phase II have not been addressed to the satisfaction of the Fund. The project will be closed and the unused funds earmarked for this project will be returned to the Fund’s general project resources.

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