Project Completed in 2002

The overall objective was to reduce, as a pilot demonstration, the polluting effects of the alcohol distillery and sugar factory at the Heriberto Duquesne Agro-Industrial Complex located in Villa Clara, Republic of Cuba. The surrogate goal was to reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD). These wastes and effluent were, in turn, used for animal feed, fertiliser, biodegraded irrigation water, and for bio-ethanoll production. The project activities also included the recovery of saccharomyces yeast for animal feed, and biogas for cooking in the community and for firing the furnace of the factory’s steam boilers. One-third of the biogas produced was purified and compressed for use as automobile fuel and for oxygen-acetylene welding. Biological mud with soil improvement properties was also obtained, and an estimated 740,000 cubic metres of waste water were recycled for the irrigation of sugarcane fields.

Loan to Common Fund: USD 1,321,999

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