Project completed in 2006

The project aims to increase the productivity of sugarcane in the South East Asia and Pacific region through a concerted regional effort on genetic enhancement, variety improvement, dissemination and exchange of improved sugarcane varieties and other genetic materials. Project implementation will be conducted in the six above-mentioned countries. The sustainability of sugarcane is enhanced through a collaborative network for the exchange, testing/evaluation and dissemination of improved varieties; the systematic improvement of conventional and biotechnology-assisted breeding; and increased national capabilities to absorb, adopt and utilise new and emerging information and bio-technologies for sugarcane breeding applications. Specific results expected are the accelerated development, introduction, dissemination and adoption of improved sugarcane varieties with increased productivity potential and resistance to major diseases and pests; core national collections/pools of elite sugarcane varieties that are freely available to participating Member Countries and accessible to other sugar-producing countries; and increased capability to undertake and sustain national and regional efforts on sugarcane breeding and biotechnology. The project also fosters international collaboration in sugarcane germplasm and technology exchange and supports the strengthening of national capacities for sugarcane research and development.

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