Project completed in 1996

The main objective of the project was to contribute to the possible expansion of the demand for specified jute geotextile products by: assessing the possible existence of an economically secure niche in the global market for geotextiles, by establishing the technical and economic advantages of jute geotextiles over synthetic geotextiles that dominate the market. Products for use in the fields of erosion control, plant mulching and (rural) road pavement construction were subject of technical assessment and market evaluation to establish techno-economic viability and the scope for demand. The project activities and studies undertaken in this small, exploratory, project have resulted in more insight in the practical potential of jute geotextiles in specific applications. The outcome ot the project showed that jute geotextiles are not necessarily superior or less effective in performance compared to synthetic materials. Further product/application-specific production and longevity trials would need to be undertaken.

The project has, however, yielded important conclusions on the type of jute geotextile materials that might provide best results in such more advanced tests and trials.

The findings of the project, focusing on the three targetted applications have been presented in an international dissemination workshop in Dhaka in 1996, and have been published in the CFC Technical Paper No. 1

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