The Fast Track project “Transfer of Technology and Promotion of Demand – Zinc Die Casting in India” was implemented from June 2012 to June 2014 and financed by the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) in cooperation with the International Zinc Association (IZA) and with support from the Delhi Institute of Tooling Engineering (DITE), the Government of India and the India Lead Zinc Development Association (ILZDA). It represented the third phase of a CFC-funded public private partnership on transferring technology and promoting demand of zinc die casting, which started in 1993 with the goal to expand the market for the zinc commodity, identifying emerging markets for zinc die casting and enhancing the efficiency of the die casting process in the developing world.

The Indian die casting sector is made up of small firms, typically owner operated. The specific aim of this last USD 270,000 project, was to conduct a two stage-audit at a selected number of Indian zinc die casters and to organize seminars to share the outcomes with a broader number of zinc die casters across India. Thirteen zinc die casting companies were selected to participate in the first round of audits.  The audits included an interview with the plant management and a site inspection.  On the basis of the first audit four plants were selected to participate in the second round of audits.  This audit looked in greater detail at the operation processes including alloy control; mold design and production; machinery; die casting area layout; casting quality and recycling and waste handling. The four participating die casting companies were benchmarked against global standards. Recommendations were then formulated for each company on how to improve their operating standards and technical support was provided by the IZA and DITE in implementing these recommendations. Participating die casters were extremely satisfied and reported significant gains in quality, productivity and cost reduction. Following the two stage-auditing process, the outcomes were disseminated at three workshops, held respectively in Delhi, Mumbai and Aligarh, which were attended by 188 die casters and representatives of related industries.

The Project Completion Report, together with the check lists and forms used for the audit stages 1 and 2, can be accessed here:

A power point presentation by the IZA on zinc die casting best practices leading to production cost minimization and casting quality optimization is also available above.

More detailed information regarding the results of the project may be obtained from IZA at

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