Project completed in 2011

This project was designed as a pilot to transfer modern adoptable technology into the Chinese “After Fabrication Hot Dip Galvanizing Industry” with the aim to contribute to an economically and environmentally sustainable industry, capable of meeting the needs of a fast growing economy in terms of efficiency, quality and productivity. It represented the third phase of a CFC-funded public private partnership on transferring technology and promoting demand of zinc, which started in 1993 with the goal to expand the market for the zinc commodity, enhancing the efficiency of the Hot Dip Galvanizing industry process in the developing world, in particular China, which is nowadays the world’s most significant developing market for zinc galvanized products. In addition the project aimed at enhancing process efficiency, labour safety and environmental sustainability of the hot dip galvanizing industry, and stabilizing, at the same time, the quality of the output at internationally competitive standards. This has been achieved by transferring the best available practices, knowhow and technology to zinc galvanizing plants across the country with the intent to enhance their overall market competitiveness and reduce their environmental impact. Four demonstration plants have been upgraded to “beacons of excellence” as a result of the CFC project intervention. These enterprises are: Dongguan Silvertown in Hong Kong SAR, Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Indursty in Guangzhou province, Yong Feng Hot Dip Galvanizing near Shanghai, and the Shengda Group near Hangzhou. The project was technically completed in December 2010. The Project Completion Report, as prepared by the project technical partner and executive agency, the International Zinc Association (IZA) can be accessed above , together with a brief report of the technical workshops conducted during the dissemination phase.

During the years 2012-13 other developing countries within Asia (India and Nepal) have benefited from the transfer of the modern technology and know-how promoted by the project through the organization of 12 dissemination workshops (11 in India, and 1 in Nepal) organized by the project technical partner, IZA and financed by the CFC Zinc project as part of the project dissemination component. During 2012, 5 workshops have been held, including four regional workshops at Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai and Delhi and one in plant workshop in Jaipur. During 2013, two additional regional workshops have been held in Kolkata and Hyderabad together with 5 in-plant workshops, four of which were held in India (Gandhinagar, Pune, Nagpur) and one in Simra, Nepal; The total attendance in the workshops was up to 248 participants from the zinc galvanizing industry. Follow-up to the workshops was then undertaken by IZA via a Technical Auditor who visited and audited select galvanizing units, followed by practical suggestions to achieve the benchmarked norms developed in this project. The technical auditing task was outside the scope of the CFC-funded project and is being sponsored independently by the galvanizers themselves.

The Interactive Management Training Tools in English, the pre-audit and audit protocols for hot dip galvanizing can be downloaded from the web-link:

More detailed information regarding the results of the project may be obtained from IZA at



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