The project, under implementation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, uses small-diameter logs, normally waste products in logging and lumber production, to enable manufacture of biocomposite products. Use of small-diameter logs (SDLs) for the production of biocomposite products represents an untapped resource. Timber species in native forests that never reach merchantable size as established by regulation and plantation thinnings have not been a significant component of the timber resource. This sustainable source of raw material will enable an increase in production of value-added biocomposite products to meet the growing demand for construction products in the timber-producing countries as well as in developed countries. The results of the project will enable production and trade of biocomposite products manufactured from SDLs. The expected impact is significant given the (a) increasing demand for timber, (b) the growth of the biocomposites industry in the global market and (c) the potential for reducing poverty in poor communities through an increased number of jobs. The final project workshop was held in December 2011 in Bogor, Indonesia to disseminate research conducted through the project. The website for this project will be developed by the PEA.

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