Through a joint effort of the Common Fund, FAO, INFOPESCA and the Cuban Government, a seminar on “Improving Marketing Efficiency of Artisanal Fishermen in Central America, Southern Mexico and the Caribbean” was held in Havana, Cuba on 21 November 2003.

The objective of the seminar was to identify the problems and constraints encountered by artisanal fishermen in the sub-region affecting fish production, processing and trade, with a special focus on marketing aspects, and to recommend possible solutions which address the constraints identified.

The seminar brought together representatives of the government fishery authorities, artisanal fishermen’s associations, as well as regional and international organizations and provided a factual assessment of the current marketing efficiency of artisanal fishing communities located around the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The main issues in production, processing and trade were highlighted through country as well as expert presentations and consultations. The results and recommendations of the seminar served as guidance for future interventions aimed at addressing those constraints and were the basis for a regular project with the same title (CFC/FSCFT/23).

The project was completed with the publication of a Technical Paper entitled “Improving marketing efficiency of artisanal fishermen in Central America, Southern Mexico and the Caribbean” (CFC Technical Paper No. 36).

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