Evaluation of Coffee Berry Borer Project

Implemented between April 1998 and May 2002, the Project Executing Agency was CABI Bioscience with PROMECAFE playing a coordinating role with respect to its four member countries. The central objective of the project was to benefit coffee producers through improved yields and coffee quality by controlling the coffee berry borer (CBB).

The evaluation has found that in general the project had a positive impact, particularly in disseminating information on the nature of IPM using the very successful Farmers’ Participatory Method. The outcome was increased take up of improved cultural practices which significantly reduced losses that otherwise would have arisen from CBB infestation. On the other hand, in spite of the weight given to this component in the project, the successful use of biological control was disappointing, since this technology proved to be insufficiently developed to be adopted easily by farmers. Nevertheless some cases of success were found and indicate that further efforts here, particularly in view of technical advances in mass-rearing technologies, should be continued.

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