Evaluation of Jute Cluster

Jute and Kenaf are crops that can fetch good value for their fibre. Jute growing involves much human and land based resource in Bangladesh and the eastern part of India and many industrial units are processing this fibre. Kenaf on the other hand grows largely in China, Thailand and Myanmar. The utilisation for jute in the past has been largely for traditional products such as hessian, sacking, and as carpet backing material. All these applications have come under pressure from the market due to development of the synthetic industry that has moved in to replace these traditional applications of jute.Looking to the importance of jute, CFC has been supporting efforts of the sector, first through the International Jute Organisation (IJO), and later through International Jute Study Group (IJSG), Dhaka. This study effort was directed at evaluating efforts of two of their projects as below:

  • Technical Specification and Market Study of the Potentially Important Jute Geo-textile Products (IJO/09)
  • Biotechnological Application of Enzymes for Making Paper Pulp from Green Jute/Kenaf (Whole Jute Plant) (IJO/14)

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