48th Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 4 to 8 July 2011
Agenda item Document title Document number
1 Opening of the meeting by the Chairperson and adoption of the Agenda CFC/CC/48/1
2 Remarks by the Managing Director
3 Briefing by the Chairperson of the Committee on the discussion at the 51st Meeting of the Executive Board on the Report of the 47th Meeting of the Consultative Committee
4 Appraisal of project proposals and profiles – First and Second Account:
4.A. Participatory Dissemination and Promotion of Management Technologies for Bactrocera invadens, Ceratitis Fruit Flies and Mango Seed Weevil that Constrain Production and Export of Mango and Avocado in East Africa CFC/FIGTF/32
4.B. Raising Income Security of Smallholder Coffee Growers in East Africa CFC/ICO/47
4.C. Qualitative and quantitative rehabilitation of coffee with the aim of improving living conditions of coffee farmers afflicted and displaced by war in the Democratic Republic of Congo CFC/ICO/51
4.D. Development of National Cotton Classing Systems in Kenya and Mozambique CFC/ICAC/44
5 Fast Track Projects:
5.A. Producing a Blue Print for a Sustainability Certification Scheme for the Hard Fibres Sector CFC/FIGHF/32FT
5.B. Essential Streams for Sugarcane Diversification CFC/ISO/33/FT
5.C. Study of the sustainability of the coffee supply chain versus climate change adaptation and mitigation using the life-cycle assessment (LCA) CFC/ICO/50/FT/FA
6 Ongoing operations of the Fund:
6.A. Review of Projects in the Pipeline and on File CFC/CC/48/3
6.B. Review of Projects which have not yet started after 3 years of approval CFC/CC/48/4
7 Participation of CC Members in Project Evaluation Meetings CFC/CC/48/5
8 Any other business