49th Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 23 to 27 January 2012
Agenda item Document title Document number
1 Opening of the meeting by the Chairperson and adoption of the Agenda CFC/CC/49/1
2 Remarks by the Managing Director
3 Briefing by the Chairperson of the Committee on the discussion at the 52nd Meeting of the Executive Board on the Report of the 48th Meeting of the Consultative Committee
4 Appraisal of project proposals and profiles – First and Second Account:
4.A. Capacity Building on Price Risk Management Strategy for Cocoa Smallholder Farmers in Africa CFC/ICCO/44/FA
4.B. Integrated Management of Cocoa Pests and Pathogens in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Cameroon CFC/ICCO/43
4.C. Development of Jute Seed Entrepreneurs through Regional Cooperation (Bangladesh, India and Nepal) CFC/IJSG/27
4.D. Rice Development in Uganda and Tanzania CFC/FIGR/17
4.E. Economic Valorisation of Olive Genetic Resources, Creation of Pilot Demonstration Nursery Centres (Quality Enhancement through Nursery Development) CFC/IOOC/09
5 Fast Track Projects:
5.A. Bamboo for Sustainable Construction and Rural Value Chain Development in Bhutan: A Pilot Project CFC/INBAR/11/FT
5.B. Pilot Project for Establishing a Commercially Viable Basis to Link Production of Niche Jute Products with Promising Markets CFC/IJSG/28/FT
5.C. Organic Production of Coffee and Diversification Food Crops using animal manure (cattle) in areas covered by the project CFC/ICO/30 in Burundi CFC/ICO/52/FT
5.D. Building a Financial Literacy Toolbox to Enhance Access to Commodity Finance for Sustainable SMEs CFC/ICO/53/FT/FA
5.E. The Future of Producer-Consumer Cooperation in Soft Commodities: Redefining Development Challenges beyond the Integrated Programme for Commodities CFC/CFC/31/FT/FA
5.F. Zinc Die Casting in Asia CFC/LZSG/21/FT
6 Ongoing operations of the Fund:
6.A. Review of Projects in the Pipeline and on File CFC/CC/49/3
6.B. Review Progress of Project under Implementation CFC/CC/49/4
7 Participation of CC Members in Project Evaluation Meetings CFC/CC/49/5
8 A briefing on the current status of the discussions on the Future Role and Mandate of the CFC
9 Any other business