Tolaro Global Cashew Factory Expansion, Benin

2 June 2020, Amsterdam. Tolaro Global (CFC project CFC/2015/06/0032) praised as example of developing Africa’s value chains in the face of the pandemic crisis. Covid-19 is causing significant disruptions
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Calendar of Meetings 2020

65th Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 27 to 30 January 2020

Orientation Briefing

Amsterdam, 7 April 2020

69th Meeting of the Executive Board

Amsterdam, 8 April 2020

66th Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 29 June to 2 July 2020

70th Meeting of the Executive Board

1 October 2020

International Commodity Bodies Meeting (in the context of the UNCTAD Commodities Week during UNCTAD XV)
October 2020

32nd Annual Meeting of the Governing Council

8 to 9 December 2020

Earlier Meetings


Newsletter edition April 2020. Highlights of the April 2020 include:

  • Impact of the COVID-19 on commodity producers;
  • Scaling organic avocado oil from Kenyan smallholders;
  • The CFC appoints a new Managing Director;
  • 30 years of the CFC: Anniversary event;
  • Leveraging CFC resources and expertise through investment funds;
  • 65th Meeting of the Consultative Committee.

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