CFC Response to COVID 19 pandemic – update 20 April 2020

What the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) is doing about the coronavirus outbreak?

Responding to the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) has adopted several measures based on the new guidelines announced by the health authorities of the Netherlands. The CFC is observing all relevant guidelines in its entirety and with due update. The fact that the World Health Organization’s characterization of the spread of the virus as a pandemic, made it incumbent on all of us to resort to measures that was not previously thought of.

These measures pertain to contingency staffing, work from home and virtual meetings etc. However, the CFC, as an organizations devoted to the socioeconomic development of commodity producers, remain acutely aware of its enhanced duties even at this time of pandemic, to provide all necessary support to see that projects remains on course, as best as it could. The CFC is, therefore, working hard to remain in touch with the project implementing authorities and thereby minimizing the effect of COVID-19.

Internally all staffs have been advised to observe all COVID-19 related protocols of social distancing, wearing mask, gloves etc, where applicable.

The CFC member states were duly informed and updated about these measures during 69th Executive Board Meeting which was held, virtually, on 08 April 2020 last.

The CFC Secretariat will continue to monitor the situation and take all reasonable measures to protect CFC personnel and its clients, while minimizing the impact of the outbreak on the implementation of the CFC’s activities for 2020 and beyond. The Secretariat will keep member states informed as needed.

In the meanwhile, the CFC will like to the highlight the essentiality of enhanced global cooperation to keep the commodity supply chains as minimally impacted as possible, which is at the center of the CFC’s mission as an UN affiliated International Financial Organization.

The CFC will continue its quest to keep itself in a state of readiness so that resiliency in the supply chain maintains when lockdown restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 begin to ease. We will have to work in unity and with solidarity with all our partners and peers to come out of it with as less disruptions as possible, while taking note of the positive silver linings, like more network preparedness and the necessity of online business connectivity between developing and developed world,  to tweak, where appropriate, our work in the future.

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CFC’s COVID-19 situation briefing

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The Common Fund’s mandate is to enhance the socioeconomic development of commodity producers and contribute to the development of society as a whole. In line with its market-oriented approach, the Fund concentrates on commodity development projects financed from its resources.

These resources consist of voluntary contributions, capital subscriptions by Member Countries transferred to the Second Account and interest earned. In partnership with other development institutions, the private sector and civil society, the Fund endeavours to achieve overall efficiency in and impact on commodity development.

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Amsterdam, 29 June to 2 July 2020

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In the least developed countries people heavily depent on commodities for their livelihood. Thus, commodities form the backbone of economies and they account for the bulk of the export earnings of countries.

CFC is proud to play a catalytic role in promoting and supporting poverty alleviation through commodity- focused development.

16th Open Call for Proposals

Funding Innovation

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Common Fund for Commodities inviting applications for support of Commodity development activities is now closed.

You can still access all the information relating to the submission process in this Call for Proposals but we are no longer able to accept new proposals.

The 17th Call for Proposals shall be notified shortly.

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