Asili Farms, a fully-mechanized farming company, manages dual-season production of high quality maize and soybeans for supply to regional food processors. Asili became operational in January 2014 and is currently farming on 1,200 ha of land in Western Uganda under a conservation agriculture and precision farming approach to maximize yields efficiently and sustainably. The ultimate strategic goal of Asili is to have commercial farming operations on around 6,500 ha of long term leased land. As part of the Agilis Partners Ltd. Company holding, Asili Farms (AF) benefits from the guaranteed demand from the sister-company Joseph Initiative Limited (JI), which is marketing Ugandan grains and pulses with extensive regional market access.

CFC resources are expected to be used to further expand commercial farm operations as well as to scale out Asili’s engagement in training small-scale farmers in commercial maize and soya production as the main source of maize and soya supply for JI. Through value chain integration and volume increase both, AF and JI, reciprocally mitigate risk and increase their viability.afbeelding1

Training of smallholder farmers and their subsequent integration into the supply network of the Joseph Initiative will have a substantial development impact on the “bottom of the pyramid”.

Asili’s role as the “technology transfer centre” of the Agilis Group will provide “state of the art” knowledge for an estimated 50,000 smallholders who will be exposed to adapted curricula and services offered, that will enable them to duplicate Asili’s conservation agriculture approach onto their small farms.

It is estimated that maize yields will increase from currently 1.5 tonnes per ha/harvest up to 5 tonnes /ha/harvest, and soya yields from 0.75 tonnes /ha up to 2.2 tonnes /ha. Targeted farmers will also be incentivized to scale out their production which will further increase their net income by a projected total of USD 1,400 per year. In addition 270 jobs will be created directly through Asili’s core farming operations.

A technical and financial review of the investment has been completed and a financing contract is expected to be entered into soon to commence implementation of the project.

Submitting Institution: Asili Farms Masindi Ltd. Project: CFC/2015/07/0078
Country: Uganda Commodity: Maize
Estimated net economic impact: USD 4 million Total Cost: USD 3,361,229
CFC Financing: USD 1,200,000 (including USD 1,000,000 financed by OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Project Type: Regular Project

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