The project includes the development of a model for the modernisation of damaged coffee processing facilities. The restored coffee-washing facilities were designed to improve coffee quality and increase income of farmers.

The project also addressed the environmental degradation, which is being caused by river pollution emitted from old wet-processing facilities. Innovative intermediate technologies which reduce water pollution and economise on the use of water and energy were introduced for small coffee farmers. The project financed the installation of almost 2,000 demonstration coffee-washing stations using improved clean technologies through the loan facility contained in the project. The use of clean technology enabled people who live downstream to have access to clean water. The project led to a considerable improvement of coffee quality and value exported by Honduras and Nicaragua. Grant funded activities were successfully completed in 2013 and loan monitoring is in progress. The project completion report, in Spanish, can be accessed here: Informe conclusion del proyecto CFC-ICO-11

Common Fund Loan: USD 3,200,000

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