Independent Expert

The CFC is inviting independent expert to support the organization with its Complaint Mechanism.

The CFC has recently taken steps to introduce the implementation of a grievance mechanism for stakeholders affected by projects supported by the CFC.

CFC strives to achieve positive sustainable development outcomes through its investments by following a human and environment-centered approach in business. Such business activities cover all segments of the value chain. This includes services and support functions, that help all participants in the process of value generation to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of its poorest participants at the bottom of the pyramid. At the same time it is recognized that any activities may also have unintended or unforeseen negative impacts on local communities and the physical environment within which they live or upon which they depend for their livelihoods. To facilitate early indication and prompt remediation of any such project-related complaints, an Independent Complaints Mechanism has been established.


The independent expert will be appointed to assess and handle CFC project-related complaints in line with the Independent Complaints Mechanism of the CFC.

Expected deliverables

It is expected that the independent expert will, in line with the time frame as indicated in the Independent Complaint Mechanism:

  • Decide whether the claim is admissible, based on specific criteria as stated in the “Independent Complaint Mechanism of CFC”. When the claim is admissible the independent expert will issue an admissibility notice with information on the next steps. In case of partial or total inadmissibility, the independent expert will provide, if possible, the complainant with advice on which measures could be taken to address the concerns;
  • Prepare a preliminary review on the issues raised;
  • Conduct a compliance review and prepare a compliance review report which include the content of the complaint, findings and conclusions of the independent expert.
  • After receipt of comments regarding factual checks from CFC and the complainant, prepare a final report containing content of the complaint, findings, conclusions and actions points.

The independent expert may use a variety of additional investigatory methods including but not limited to
contacts with complainant, visit project sites and requesting written or oral submission on specific issues.

Application process

Interested applicants are invited to submit a proposal for implementing the above ToR, including:
– Up to date Curriculum Vitae of the applicant outlining prior engagements in similar
assignments that qualify the applicant to implement this proposed assignment;
– Financial Proposal, including a breakdown of costs and specification of hourly consultancy fees.

Proposals should be sent electronically, in English, prior to 12 July 2021, to the following email address:

For more information please click on the link (Terms of Reference) below.